Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well I'll Be Doggone!

As some of you have noticed, I'm getting more proficient--slightly! Have added pictures to some of the previous entries and to this one. No videos yet, however it would be great to have one of George being literally drug down the ramp from the deck by Marley! Here they are--Marley, the golden, and Sandee, the chocolate. Obviously I haven't yet figured out how to take good dog pictures!

There is a method to dog walking, and George seems to have figured out what works with these two. Since they both like to run over the hills, and when together won't always come when called, we're walking the more placid, gentle and well behaved Sandee on a leash. He behaves quite nicely, and Marley will always come back after a sojourn into the hinterland to be with Sandee. Marley is simply to strong and hyperactive for a leash, but this system seems good.

When Sandee sees or hears a car coming down the gravel road we walk on, he stops and watches it go by. When Marley sees/hears a car, his reaction depends on the speed of the car. If it is going really fast, he ignores it. If it is going really slowly, he tends to pay no attention. But if it is going "Marley speed," about 25-30 mph, he enjoys running behind or beside the car to pace his exercise, like any good runner. He doesn't "chase" the car, and there is no barking--he just keeps up the pace for 3 or 4 blocks worth of good sprint running.
Picture this. Two cars are going down the road in the same direction that the dogs are walking. Of course Marley is way behind, having made a big detour into the bush. Sandy hears the cars and turns to see them go by. He is looking at the first car and not paying attention to the second one yet. Marley has decided that the second one is a good "pace" car, and is running along, flat out beside the car looking up at the driver's door. He isn't paying any attention to anything but his great run.

Unfortunately, Sandee is standing directly in Marley's path. Without any warning, Marley plows into Sanddee and bowls him over. He doesn't miss a stride, however, and continues on down the road for a few more blocks. Sandee picks himself up in wonderment, looks kind of insulted, and appears puzzled about what had hit him. George just stood there and howled with laughed after determining that Sandee was OK.

Never a dull day with these dogs!


  1. How old is 'Marley' anyway?

  2. Estimates on Marley's age run from 1 1/2 to 3 years. He was "given" to the family, and they are unsure.