Friday, July 2, 2010

Adventure Even in the Mundane

Who knew that going to the dump with the household garbage could be an adventure?

We live just one mile from the "recycling" center, which is basically a landfill with a few areas set aside for tires, etc. The deposit point is in a large warehouse with big open doors so folks can easily drop things off and trucks can pick them up and haul them across the road to the landfill. One approaches the windowless building from the back side, then you come around the corner, and there is the big bay.

And inside the bay are eagles!! Sitting on the garbage, sitting on the signs, perching in the rafters of the building, and swooping off when you approach with your garbage. Let me tell you that is a little bit intimidating! These are really big birds. While I've not heard of them attaching anybody locally, there have been other recent instances of eagle attacks in Alaska, probably because it is nesting season. It does give one pause to think about primitive people who had to put up with even bigger and more aggressive birds. I've never been afraid of birds--but now I can see how it could happen for some folks!

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  1. Wow!! I didn't realize how big the birds were until I realized that they were sitting on the edges of dumpsters