Friday, July 23, 2010

Creatures of the Sea

Now that George is walking Marley in a new direction, it gives him access to the sandy part of the beach, rather than just the rocky part we had been traveling by. When it is low tide, there are interesting and wonderful creatures to observe.

I think we need a book on identifying the numerous kinds of jelly fish that we find. Some are really amazing--and big. Most are dinner plate size or bigger.

The sea urchins are also a bit larger than "normal" size--about 4".

There are also a lot of starfish in the bay. Maybe that is the identification book we need, rather than jelly fish! They are certainly lovely to find in the sand.

There are a variety of shells, most pretty typical of the west coast--clams, etc. But on occasion there is something unusual, like this whole sand dollar that George found. I haven't even seen any broken pieces, which are much more common, so this was a lucky find.

If Sandee and Marley can see each other, then they constantly strain at the leash to get together. That doesn't work well with the leashes. If they walk alone, at least Sandee is easier to manage. So, Sandee and I walk in our old direction if it is before or after rock hauling hours.

The dog makes the truckers nervous, even though he stands still on the shoulder and is obviously on a leash. Besides--they are noisy and dusty, so it isn't much fun to walk when they're working. They come by going either to or from the landfill area at the rate of about 25-30 per hour!

We're exploring other places to walk, now, but I will be very happy when our dog-tending days are over.

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