Friday, July 9, 2010

Wildflowers Abound

I have always loved wildflowers, and always like to know their names. I've been taking a lot of wildflower pictures here, as you can see. Some are pictures of things familiar, like Lupine and Buttercups; some are pictures of more unusual flowers, like Arctic Lilly and Hooded Ladies' Tresses. Many of the wildflowers here are extremely small, and one must look closely to see them. Some are more showy, and this is the time of year when there are a lot of flowers of all sizes in bloom.

The Pastor's wife left us a wildflower identification book specifically for Unalaska Island. It is wonderful--complete with colored pictures, description, and pen and ink botanical drawings on each flower. I've about worn it out. As time passes, of course different things bloom, so this is a never-ending pursuit. Even such mundane tasks as walking the dogs can result in pictures of two dozen or more kinds of wildflowers.

So here's a test--can you match the names of the flowers with the pictures above? (Did you know? If you need to see pictures more closely, you can just click on the picture you want and get a full sized view.)

Coastal Paintbrush
May Flower
Purple Orchid
Dwarf Dogwood
Aleutian Heather
Moss Campion
Spoonwort or Scurvey Weed
Photographer (Sorry, no points for this one!)

So--would you make a good Unalaskan?

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