Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jan Takes a Pratfall; Marley "Heads" Camera!

Another dog story to tell--

Jan and George left the house to walk the dogs. Marley tore out of the yard as usual, and Sandee was very excited too--jumping around on his leash. Jan decided to stop and take a picture of some wild flowers. Bad choice--George and Sandee were very close by. First, Sandee runs across the wild flower area, tromping on the vegetation. Then he circles around Jan and heads for the road at full tilt. One problem--the plastic-coated, steel cable leash is now encircling both of Jan's legs mid-calf. And sure enough--over she goes!! Fortunately no major damage was done by landing on the thick padding of plant growth over the soft soil except for a bruised leg. Bet it looked really funny, though! George was too busy trying to untangle us to have time to laugh.

George gets thing untangled and leads Sandee across the road. I'm staying far ways from this dangerous animal now. So, Sandee promptly encircles George and takes off running down the road! George doesn't fall over, at least, but he did suffer a "barked" shin, if you'll pardon the pun.

So, we took the walk. On the way back, a car comes along going the same direction we are walking. I am walking ahead of George and the dogs on the shoulder, about 12" from the tall vegetation, with my camera looped around my wrist. I figured Marley would likely be chasing the car, but assumed he'd be in the large space between me and the car. Nope--he takes me on the right side, going between me and the bushes. Only problem is, that is the side on which I'm carrying the camera. BANG! Marley hits the camera full force with his head, and keeps on running. Doesn't seem to phase him in the slightest! We see a great future for him as a soccer player. The camera swung madly, and I was probably as surprised as Sandee was when Marley hit him.

What will we ever do for humor when we get home and don't have the dogs around?!

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