Saturday, July 24, 2010

Local Arts and Crafts

One of the favorite activities to raise a little money in this community is to have an arts and crafts fair. These are usually planned for the days (Saturday every two weeks) when the ferry is in town or when a cruise boat is scheduled. This is with hopes that the Activities Director will include the fair on the one-day, whirl-wind tour of Unalaska and Dutch Harbour.

Since the native population is small (only 7%), and many of their arts and crafts have been lost, there is, unfortunately, little indigenous work. Most of what is sold is jewelry, hats and gloves, paintings, soaps, quilting and baked goods. (A bake sale always is held in conjunction with such an event, and today's sale had a Bar-B-Q in addition.)

The community shows up, and it is a fun event for all. There are usually four or five in the summer, and George has been to three, and I've been here for two of them this year.

Now that summer weather has finally arrived bringing temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, the wild flowers are fading away. Some few later-blooming species are making a big show now, like the wild iris, but the wild proliferation is notably absent. When the seasons are so short, change occurs more rapidly and is more readily noticed.

We're wondering how the birds, flowers, and weather in Iceland will compare with what we've come from here. Only problem will be that week or two of 85-95 degrees between the two trips!

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