Monday, July 19, 2010


Tomorrow I fly out, presuming PenAir (short for Peninsula Airlines, but locally called "When Air" because of it's erratic arrivals and departures) flies when it's supposed to. Today I thought I'd give you some brief observations and impressions which I have gathered about this place.

+ The tundra is absolutely wonderful at this time of year. It is thick with wild flowers, blooming heather and berry plants, and soft as a bed. George and I sat on a tundra knoll and fell over backwards, it was so soft. And it is beautiful. From a distance the peaks look emerald green, and up close they are a riot of wildflowers.

+ When the weather is nice here, you can't imagine why anyone would ever want to live anywhere else. (In that respect, it reminds us of the Puget Sound--only Unalaska has even fewer nice days!) Yesterday was super nice--68, 7 mph breeze, clear blue skies and sunshine. A day not to be forgotten.

+ There is only one paved road in Dutch Harbor and Unalaska. It runs from the airport in Dutch, across the "Bridge to the Other Side," through Unalaska and out to "the valley," which housed World War II Army Troops. All other roads are gravel.

+ The last several days it seems like our house is on the edge of a construction zone. They are hauling dump truck loads of rock out to the landfill--probably land to use for the fill, but it is certainly noisy!

+ Unmowed lawns here have at least two distinct summer seasons. When I came, they were absolutely full of dandelions. I didn't think too much about it. But the dandelions went to seed, and no more grew! Strange. Instead they have been replaced by equally riotous yellow tall buttercups!

+ Can't figure out why Marley likes the table on the sun porch so much. Sandee never climbs on a chair, much less the table, but Marley acts as if the sun porch was his own personal gym!

The hospitality of the people here has been wonderful. We've eaten in people's homes and watched Blu Ray movies with them, been given food--seafood and unique jelly, had help with exercising the dogs, and made to feel most welcome. It is hard to leave this place, which will always remain in memory.

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